Easter Playscheme at Paulsgrove Community Centre 2022

Paulsgrove Playscheme had the most wonderful easter holidays making new friends and memories and enjoying the beautiful weather. During our first trip out we sat in suspense waiting to see if the bad guys would turn good (The Bad Guys), before enjoying lunch together in the sunshine and finishing the day with fun in the park.

Next came a trip to Staunton, where the children got up close and personal with some furry farm friends. They had a marvellous time and even got to see some of the latest spring additions!

By Wednesday, the children were feeling brave and conquered their fears at Red Spider Climbing. Whether they were playing hide and seek in the maze of tunnels in the castle, traversing the tunnel or climbing high – there wasn’t a moment without smiles! Some of our children were particularly spectacular, pushing past their fears and reaching the top of the wall! The pride they were feeling could be seen from a mile away with the size of the smiles on their faces; and we as staff could not have been any prouder of them!

Thursday was another trip to the cinema with a different group, this time to see the infamous Sonic 2. It was a resounding success according to the children, who did not stop talking about it all the way home!

The second week we joined forces with Landport Playscheme so they had the opportunity to make even more friends. First up was Monkey Bizness, where the children certainly lived up to the name! They absolutely loved it and all enjoyed getting involved in games like tag and hide and seek.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated activity from the children was swimming, which went down a storm! From the children that enjoyed splashing in the shallow end, to those more daring and swam in the deeper end, everyone got involved. Some of our children even learnt a new skill like swimming a small distance, floating and jumping in!

On Thursday we had a movie day. Some of the children came in showing off their super cool pyjama’s, which of course the staff were jealous of! We spent the morning in the park and had a picnic before coming back to the centre for a lovely fruit salad and movie. A great success!

On our final day, we went to Staunton again having promised the group a visit the week before. They had great fun meeting the animals, getting lost (and found!) in the maze and playing in the park. To celebrate the end of playscheme we treated them all to ice cream, to the great excitement of them all!


Thank you to all of those than attended this Easter, I’m certain that we as staff had just as much fun as your children! Every single child did themselves proud. We are already counting down the days until summer – we can’t wait to welcome you all back!

Ashlyn and the Team.

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