Movement for Good is back!

You might remember the Ecclesiastical ‘Movement for Good’ awards that ran last year, which saw Enable Ability honoured to win one of many prizes of £1,000!

Well, ‘Movement for Good’ is back, but this time it is part of the Benefact Trust, who are not only running 1 draw for our chance to win £1,000, but 3!! There will be 620x £1,000 winners throughout the 3 draws, just part of the Benefact Trusts £1 Million give-away this year!!

So this is where we need YOUR help….

Nominate Enable Ability today, and we will automatically be entered into all 3 draws (taking place in June, September and December) to win a possible £1,000! It only takes a minute of your time. The more votes we get, the more likely we are to win one of these fantastic and much needed awards!

£1,000 could make a real difference to the work we do in supporting children and young adults with disabilities to engage in safe, organised activities that boost self-esteem, independence and social skills. It could help by subsidising activities, or for purchasing equipment.

Please click here to cast your vote for Enable Ability

Thank you for your support!


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