Sky’s the limit for Enable Ability!

If you’ve been following our social media recently, you’ll know that 7 skydivers took to the sky to raise money for Enable Ability!

Julie, Mia, Rob, Melissa, Cathy-Anne, Laura and Brandon all accomplished their tandem skydives on 10th June at the Old Sarum airfield in Salisbury, completing jumps from either 10,000ft or 15,000ft. The brave team consisted of parents, supporters and 4 Enable Ability staff.

It was late last year when the Landport Playscheme staff team members decided that they’d bite the bullet and sign up to do their skydives. Rob and Melissa who are parent’s of children who use Landport Playscheme, were also keen to join in the fun! Mia said,

“It was Cathy-Anne’s idea! We were on a train journey home with the children one day when Cathy-Anne suggested we should do a skydive- so we all agreed to do it. We booked it up towards the end of 2022, and decided we’d like to raise money for the Landport Playscheme which supports children aged 5-12 years with mild to moderate needs.

With the money raised, we can take the children out into the community to socialise, and help to prepare them for independence in a safe setting. We are so pleased that Melissa, Rob and Laura joined us as well!”

The day went without a hitch (no bad weather slowing them down this year), and everyone made their jumps! The day was split in-two, to accommodate the 2 different jump heights. Most of the team upgraded to do the 15,000ft jump shortly before the day- something Melissa said she would do if she reached her fundraising target of £700!

Upon asking Laura why she chose to do a skydive for Enable Ability, she said;

“Melissa said she was throwing herself out of a plane for Enable Ability, and I was like “I’ll do it too”…. and here I am today!

Enable Ability are aligned with Neurodiverselife- a neurodiversity training company which me and my Mrs run. It’s great to do something for the charity!”

Partnerships and Events Officer, Hollie, who went along to support the team on the day to take photo’s and video footage said,

“I think it’s safe to say there was a complete mixture of emotions before the teams stepped into the planes. Some of the skydivers had a lot of anxiety- I guess it’s the unknown, whilst others were buzzing and ready to go! Cathy-Anne had jumped before, so she knew what to expect. Once back down to earth though, everyone was just elated with what they had just achieved!

We were so proud of them, and they were also proud of each other! Every single one of them said they’d do it again…. so it must have been lots of fun!”

Between all 7 skydivers, the total raised through this skydive day has equated to £3262– an absolutely amazing amount for Enable Ability!

“All the skydivers have done such an incredible job of raising much needed funds for Enable Ability- a massive well done to them all! Thank you to everyone who supported the skydivers with this event”

– Hollie, Partnerships & Events Officer

A huge thanks must also go to our Advocacy Manager, Robin, for getting the team to the venue and back safely by minibus on the day.

If you would like to skydive for Enable Ability for as little as just £50, please get in touch with our Partnerships & Events Officer, Hollie, at call 02392 671846 for more details.