Advice & Support Services

Enable Ability provides a range of services that have grown over the years based on user-led demand supported by our local council and other funding agencies.

Our advice services relate primarily to our Advocacy service, which assists young people and adults in navigating their individual issues with the complexity of day to day living and in particular formal applications for benefits.

Our support services are split between children and young people with either high needs (requiring a supervision ratio of 1:1 or greater) and those with mild to moderate needs (requiring a much lower supervision ratio). We then create further groups to ensure there is an appropriate age mix. Some of our funding sources prescribe qualification based on home address thus we also differentiate between Portsmouth and Hampshire for some of our teenage and young adult services.

To assist new service users and their families/carers to understand which of our support services might apply to them then using the three parameters of need, age, and home post code in the tool on the right we can highlight appropriate services and show how you can apply to join them.

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