The Enable Ability Advocacy service is designed to assist people of all ages with disabilities to navigate through the complexities of life and helps to give them information to make choices and with a voice of their own.

An informed choice is your choice …

in doing so we give you a voice.

Contact details

Robin Pryde-Jarman
Telephone: 023 9267 1846

advocacy newThe service is client led and gives independent and confidential support to our disabled clients who have to deal with many problems in their day-to-day living. These problems, to some, may appear trivial and easily solved but to many of our clients a minor problem can soon become a very different thing that can impact enormously on their well-being. With our continuing support we can help them make informed choices of their own.The Advocacy service deals with many concerns, these can include independent living, housing, transport, education and problems may also arise with regard to money management. However, overwhelmingly they tend to relate to issues with social benefits, and particularly with the many changes in benefit rules and the introduction of Universal Credit. We help assess the situation and check all paperwork and completed forms, amending as necessary to bring about the best possible outcomes. Where necessary this can lead to assisted Representation/Guidance for tribunals where we have many years’ experience.

To make initial contact and to find out if we can help you then either call the Advocacy Manager on 023 9267 1846 during office hours (this is a secure line and messages can be left) or email:

Our Advocacy service receives no specific external funding and continues through support from experienced volunteers. We welcome anyone with relevant skills to contact us if you wish to help make a difference.

Key Facts:


Aged 16 years and above living in South East Hampshire  (postcodes PO7 - PO17)

Level of support

Face to face case work with experienced counsellors


By referral or enquiry by email or telephone.


Either at the Head Office, Landport Community Centre or at a suitable location such as your home.


The service is free of charge.

Additonal fees

Expenses related to court submissions may be charged.

More information

Call the office on 023 9267 1846 or email:

Read our flyer here: (click on image)