Saturday Club

The Saturday Club takes place every Saturday during term times. 
Saturday club is for children aged 5 years to 16 years with high levels of disability. 
Eligible children will be placed in a group of similar aged children. Each group is then allocated dates of attendance throughout the term on a rota basis. 


Saturday club enables the rest of the family to spend some time together and focus on our other child

– Enable Ability parent.

Contact details

Dannii Dean
Telephone: 023 9267 1846

The project is based at a centrally located venue with transport available as required. Children enjoy varied activities, theme days and outings whilst supported by an experienced staff team.Whilst it is Enable Ability’s policy not to exclude any child from attending a project for purely financial reasons -and help may be available- the charity does implement specific procedures to safeguard itself from having to meet costs unnecessarily.If the parent (s) /carer(s) of a child wish to apply for an allocated place at Enable Ability’s Saturday club and are unable to meet the full costs due to financial hardship they should request an application for financial assistance form from the main office or contact Richard Soutar on 02392 671846 or email:

How To Apply:

Children may be referred to Enable Ability by local agencies or can be self-referred by family members or carers.

For all initial referrals a home visit will be required to check eligibility and to create a care plan.

Contact email: or call 023 9267 1846 during office hours.

Please Note: There is currently a waiting list for places at Saturday Club.

Visit the Saturday Club Facebook page by clicking the icon below (opens in new page):

Key Facts:


Aged 5 to 16 years old living in Portsmouth (postcodes PO1 - PO6)

Level of support

For children with high needs and supervision required 1 to 1 or higher


By referral or enquiry. A home visit will be required before attending to assess suitability and to prepare a care plan.


Locations vary based on availability since Covid-19


The costs of the support staff are borne by the charity from various funding sources. There is a daily charge of £20 per service user.

Additonal fees

Expenses related to the various activities may need to be borne by the parents or carers. Transport is available at an extra charge of £5.

More information

Call the office on 023 9267 1846 or email: