DBS Umbrella Service

Contact details

Jackie Trout
Telephone: 023 9267 1846

As an Umbrella Body for the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), Enable Ability offers a competitively priced service for organisations that need to ensure the safety of their client group.

Registration with this service is very simple. A contract is set up via the Registered Person, setting out mutual obligations. Once registered we will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance on completing forms. A registration fee will be charged.

Where possible application forms will be processed and sent to the DBS authorities on the day of receipt. If there are any queries concerning the forms sent to us we will contact you as soon as they have come to our notice.

ISA Adult First is a service exclusive to the Health Sector. Requests for ISA Adult First checks carry strict criteria and are permissible only where it is necessary to take such action because of a real danger that staffing levels will fall below statutory obligations. Where requested these will normally be completed within seven days of submission.

We will track applications on an individual basis wherever necessary.

Fees for the Umbrella Service:

  Enhanced DBS Standard DBS Volunteers
DBS Fee £44 £26 Free
EA Service Fee £10 £10 £10
Total £54 £36 £10

To find out more about the DBS Umbrella service or to place an application then call 023 9267 1846 during office hours or email: enquiries@enableability.org.uk