HYP help to create virtual bus tour for What’s It Like?

HYP help to create virtual bus tour for What's It Like?

Over the weekend, members of our Hampshire Youth Project helped to film a new virtual tour that is being produced by Enable Ability’s Social Enterprise project- ‘What’s it Like?’, in conjunction with Autek CIC.

What’s it Like? produces virtual tours of various venues and community areas (including hospitals, doctors surgeries and shopping centres), to help people with disabilities and/or anxiety overcome barriers to accessing them. The What’s it Like? approach is a supported, step-by-step experience….with the aim that over time, its users develop new skills of managing their anxiety through the use of technology.

This time, the team are filming bus journeys, to help people get out and about more within the community, and also further afield.

Hampshire Youth Project (HYP) members travelled to The Weald and Downland Living Museum on Sunday, which meant catching 2 buses- firstly from Havant Bus Station, and then changing at Chichester. They had a special ‘Enable Ability’ bus, and the young people were very happy to give their input which will help make the video a great success!

James, Project Leader for HYP said,

“Catching a bus for the first time on your own can be very daunting- and these feelings are often heightened for people with disabilities and/or higher anxiety levels. Young people from the Hampshire Youth Project were asked to think about what information, pictures, or videos would help anxious people who want to make this journey.

The aim of the filming is to provide information that will help people who are anxious about making bus journeys, who would like to visit more places.”

A big thanks goes to Stagecoach and Stagecoach bus driver Rob who helped with the filming and for volunteering his time.

The final interactive virtual tour will be released shortly for everyone to view, as part of an ongoing project making it easier to access a number of remote areas from urban cities and towns. For more information on What’s it Like? please visit our Inter Activ website- https://interactiv.org.uk/whats-it-like

Hollie Sherred (Partnerships and Events Officer, Enable Ability)


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