Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress of Portsmouth host Enable Ability

Last Wednesday, staff and Trustees of Enable Ability had the honour of being invited for tea with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Portsmouth. This invitation served as recognition of our outstanding contributions to the community, specifically in support of individuals with disabilities and their families.

The visit was initiated by Canasta, a parent whose child has been benefiting from our services for the past two years. Canasta’s 7-year-old son, who has Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder, has been receiving support from us during this time.

Canasta said,

“Since our initial home visit, I’ve been confident that Enable Ability would provide exceptional care for my son. Julie was incredibly passionate, informative and friendly.

My son’s participation in Paulsgrove Playscheme had a profound effect on both him and my daughter – it allowed my son to do activities in the community supported by compassionate staff, whilst I was able to spend respite time with my daughter. Since then, he has moved onto one of Enable Ability’s specialist playschemes, where he is able to consistently work through his dysregulation and high expressed emotions, with support from staff.

The impact and growth for him has been amazing, and without doubt, Enable Ability and their dedicated team has been our support network throughout the last 2 years- particularly through the last 12 months of which I would definitely say was our crisis point!

I am incredibly proud to share our experience with Enable Ability, and feel that all the fantastic, dedicated staff should be acknowledged for the great work they do. Therefore, I felt it was only right to nominate Enable Ability for a special treat and acknowledgment from our Lord Mayor of Portsmouth.” – Canasta (parent)

Members of EA staff, Trustees, and a fellow parent were warmly greeted and invited into the Lord Mayor’s parlour, where they enjoyed delicious cake served with tea and coffee. During this pleasant gathering, they engaged in meaningful conversations with both the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, discussing the charity’s work and exploring opportunities to enhance the charity’s support in the future.

We extend our gratitude to Canasta for sharing her personal journey with us and for entrusting us to support her son and her family during difficult times. Our heartfelt gratitude also to our Lord Mayor for graciously hosting us. It was a privilege to be welcomed into your presence and to have the opportunity to share our experiences and endeavours with you. We are sincerely appreciative of the time you took to engage with us.