ASDA Green token success for Advocacy service!

Cheque being presented by ASDA Portsmouth Community Champion, Danielle Dean

You might remember the posts across our social media channels during October, November and December, asking for your support to nominate Enable Ability’s Advocacy service via the ASDA Green Token Giving scheme.

Each quarter, ASDA stores choose 3 local charities or community groups to be put to the public vote, for the chance to win much needed funds for their services. Our Advocacy service was fortunate to be included in the October-December 2022 period of voting for ASDA Portsmouth.

We are delighted to announce that our Advocacy service came in 2nd place, winning £400- a fabulous amount! A huge thank you from Enable Ability to everyone who voted for us! Your support as always, is invaluable.

Our Advocacy project is a free service to people with disabilities over the age of 16. A friendly face of support, it provides essential assistance to vulnerable people, helping them prepare for tribunals; assisting them with employment issues and helping them receive and access the right care, education, housing and much more.

The service makes sure that those involved listen to our client’s voice. By being with them, we help give them that voice. 

Robin, Advocacy Manager

Thank you, ASDA Foundation, and to ASDA Portsmouth for your continued partnership and generous donation.

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