Staff and Trustees meet to formulate their 3 year roadmap for the charity.

Following the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past 18 months at long last the senior staff and Trustees of Enable ability were able to meet at an offsite location for much of the day.

Chair of Trustees, Jon Muller, welcomed all attendees and explained the objectives of the day.

Manager Richard Soutar summarised the previous three-year plan and how, despite the pandemic, we had achieved all we had set out to do.

Treasurer Joe Harbour explained with great clarity the financial position and how inflation and 18 month’s lost focus on bids and grants has had a negative effect and the size of the financial challenge ahead of us.

The meeting then asked service leaders to present their views on the where they saw their services in three years time and what things would have been overcome to get there. Trustees were impressed with the inspiration that each brought to the group and will now use this to form the basis of a new strategic plan. In particular they were excited to hear about the innovation of the Portsmouth Youth Programme leader, Chelsey Langdown, to establish an accreditation scheme for her young people from age of 18 to help with their confidence, self-esteem and employability so watch this space for more details of that soon.

What the meeting has emphasised is that we have a great team of professionals who all enjoy their jobs that make such a difference to the lives of people through the 15 services we run and are very motivated to continue developing our services based on the needs of our service users. The future looks promising – nothwithstanding the need to secure sufficient funding to meet the primary costs of staffing.


Posted on behalf of the Staff and Trustees of Enable Ability.

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